I want to be a Software developer

I really want to be a software developer. First you need skills so you can be good at the work. Second your need experience and education for it so you can know what are your doing if you don’t know  you are going to do a mess in the job  Second you need education like I think you have to be respectful something like that. I would talk about the salary and benefits the salary is what people always awant to know like how much do you earn in a week or month OR IN A YEAR.


First of all you need skills like being creative and create something new that the people would like. You can create an operating software that runs and people try to like it. May be you can create a test software by testing how is going your project of an app or phone.

Second you need experience and education xdd you need a bachelor’s degree and may be a school diploma but some of the works you don’t need that  adn the you have to know how to use a computer should have knowledge of finance so they can undestand a bank computer.

And third lets talk about the salary they pay you $50.77 dollars an hour if you earn that money you can get a $105,590 in A YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR 😱😱💲💲💲💲💵💵💵 OOOOOMMMGGG


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my conclusion is that is good be a software developer if you earn the money I realkly want to be a software developer work hard and be creative you are going to success in that work 🙂

Cezar Chanvez

I think we name the school after cezar chaves. he non-violent people. He called his movement to farms for better working conditions. His message to help people in farms and spread in all states.

World end!.

The world will end by the world war 3 (WW3)


The world will end by the world war 3. There going to be nuclear bomb to destroy the other country.Then its going to be a lot of people defending their country from the other country. In the sky there going to be missiles and going to a bunch of people trying to survive. bunch of kids and babys going to  die . Maybe the president died with those missiles. The president kill a general in Iran and the president make people angry in the country of Iran and that missile are from Iran and gonna kill a bunch of people. The people of Iran want revenge and want a war and fight with United states.






I want to change

In 2020, I want change three things. I want to change my weight so I can have a good health, and a good life and live more years. I will to change my grades in this year so my mom  can get proud of me everyday. Finally, I want to get my goals this year and get new friends.



I want to lose more calories in this year. First, I will go to the gym and start doing exercise. Then I will start running out of my house and run  in all the street. When the night its coming I will eat a fruit or something without calories.


I want to improve my grades in this year. First,  I will go to do missing assigments in my home. Then I will go to the teacher to give me extra credit for more work and do at my house and finish. Then I will looking my grades growing up 😀 (^O^).


I want to get my goals this year. First, I will work hard in my other clases and do assigments. Then I will help my mom in  my home. When I grow up and graduate I will looking for my new jop and be rich and then be a president and then start with my evil plan.


I hope in 2020 I will change this 3 things.  I will get good grades in this year, lose weight and reach my goals. I hope that will happen.




I am thanful for…

I am thanful for mt parents

it is something especial for me

i see kindness

I love play with them

I am thanful my parents


I feel safe when i stay with my friends in honduras

i wonder if some day will be in the same place

I try to make that happen

I can go and invite them

I am thakul for my friends in Honduras


I know I can play on my ps4 xd

I understand I can dowload games

I’m fortunate because I have you and play with you

I dream a day we spend a lot of money on a game

I am thankful for my Ps4



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The Lottery

Based on the words and actions of Dave in Shirley Jackson’s story the lottery I think he is confused about the lottery

My evidence is this. Davy put his hand into the box and laughed. This shows that dave is willing to be in the lottery. He thinks is a game. I conclude that Davy is to young to understand what the lottery is about.


I want peace around the world

The people have to stop being racist to other persons are diferent color fo skin and the persosn not gonna play with you, And gonna have  have bad reputation and one time  a friend say a racist joke and he get in trouble.

And stop the terrorist. And go to their country or state ,and arrest each one of them, and by quit them the guns and stuff like that.

Like the criminals quit them the guns and sending them to jail for years. we have to don’t be sacred at them because they gonna think we are easy to kill. And portect ourself with a stick or something around us or kicking his BALLS! 😂 OOF THATS TUFF.

I wish a day were gonna have the world in peace. I think you don’t have to be racist or a criminal to kill someone or be a terrorits.



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After party

If we have after school party I think we should. Go to the gym and play basketball and play with friends.

putting movies and talking with friends and stay outside playing with friends.



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Nature Walk

I went to a nature walk. I saw grass and bush. I found spiders webs and spiders. I smell poop and grass.

There were a lot of plants, The grass was little wet. The bush was wet too. The grass was not green at all. it was brown.

I found spiders webs and spiders. The spiders was climb my feets. The spiders webs was big. The spiders was little.

I smell poop on the grass. It’s was on the grass and the bush,The poop was between bronw and white, (It’s was so DISCUSTING 😣😵 ◑︿◐). The poop was like moving down like Sliding down 😱😣.

I was scary on the nature walk, I see grass and bush i found spider webs  and spiders I smell poop on the grass. WHEN YOU GO TO A NATURE WALK DON’T STEP ON A BIG!! SPIDER WEB WITH BIGS!! SPIDERS 😱😱.



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My favorite Summer

My summer was amazing.   I go to Miami. I cook outside. I went to Carowinds.

I went to Miami.I swim in the beach.I do castles on the beach.I almost die in the water Xddd.

I cook outside. I play with my friends. I stay with my family. I play In the yard.

I went to Carowinds. i was happy. I almost throw up it. Carowinds  was awesome.

So thats why I say that my summer was awesome.  I went to miami and Cook outside and went to carowinds.I hope the next summer gonna be more awesome

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